Online - Preventive Maintenance Configuration (2014)

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Preventive Maintenance Configuration video, produced in 2014, discusses how you can configure and use

ServiceMax Preventive Maintenance functionality to proactively manage your customer's

recurring preventive maintenance service needs.

  • Preventive Maintenance Templates
  • Preventive Maintenance Processes
  • Preventive Maintenance Plans
Sushi Chef schalla02
Sushi Chef

Hi Guys, I have one more question. While setting up Preventive Maintenance Process in Field map section it is only showing the mapping for service contract to work order but I would like to create a mapping from Installed product to work Order Is that possible? Please have a look at the screenshot attached below.Fieldmap.PNG


For creating mapping from Installed Product to Work Order, we should use the value 'One Per Product' for the  'Number of Work Orders' field. In this case, Work Orders will be generated for each of the covered Installed Products with the corresponding IB to WO mapping.