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Predix ServiceMax FSM 18.3 Release

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‎10-17-2018 10:08 AM

Our Predix ServiceMax FSM 18.3 release training gives you the first look at new capabilities and enhancements to existing features.  Each video in the series features an overview, relevant use cases and in-depth demonstrations.  Watch the videos today by clicking directly on links below.

  • Video Link : 1566: With new Salesforce files support for Output Documents and Checklist attachments when using ServiceMax on a browser, your document management and collaboration will be simplified. In addition, you’ll also be able to store different file versions. Watch this video to learn how to enable Salesforce files support in your org.
  • Video Link : 1564: With Ranked Appointment Booking, you’ll be able to get a list of possible appointment time slots ranked by how efficient they are for your service teams, so you’ll have the confidence to offer appointment times to your customers that are optimized for your organization. Watch this video to learn how the Ranked Appointment Booking window works and how to set it up.

Please reference the Predix ServiceMax FSM 18.3 release notes for additional details.

Happy learning!