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ServiceMax 19.1 Release Training

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‎04-08-2019 09:31 AM

Our ServiceMax 19.1 release training gives you the first look at new capabilities and enhancements to existing features. Each video in the series features an overview, relevant use cases and in-depth demonstrations. Watch the videos today by clicking directly on links below.

  • Real Time Optimization: In this video, we'll show you how Real Time Optimization can help you optimize routes for an entire territory as soon as new Work Orders are entered when using Schedule Optimization.
  • File Support Enhancements in FSA: This video will walk through Salesforce File Support and other enhancements that improve the experience when working with file attachments like images and PDFs on the FSA app.
  • Custom Code Snippet Support in FSA: Custom Code Snippet Support allows you to run code on the FSA app on local records, so you can perform validations and catch errors before attempting to sync data with the server. In this video, we'll show you how to set it up and walk through a sample use case.

Happy learning!

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Line Chef
Line Chef


Our engineering department at Manitowoc Crane Group is working on the new Location Intelligence Platform in Salesforce (similar to MapAnything). We also want to train our interns (students) to work with ServiceMax 19.1 and learn how to optimize routes and manage the service delivery process.