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ServiceMax 20.1 for Administrator Release Training

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‎03-25-2020 10:02 AM

Our ServiceMax 20.1 release training gives you the first look at new capabilities and enhancements to existing features. Each video in the series features an overview, relevant use cases and in-depth demonstrations. Watch the videos today by clicking directly on links below.

ServiceMax 20.1 - Entitlement:

In this video, we'll look at the new auto-entitlement feature with an “after save” webservice.



ServiceMax 20.1 - Service Flow Automation:

This video will walk through a new communication configuration option for remote & push notifications in SFA.


ServiceMax 20.1 - Timesheets:

Technicians can now manually “pull” timesheet entries to run the time entry engine. In this video, we'll show you how to set it up and walk through a sample use case.


ServiceMax 20.1 - Service Board:

Watch this video to learn more about 2 of the enhancements administrators can customize in Service Board – the dispatch job dialog and the ability to delete aborted appointments.



Happy learning!

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Customer Success Team
Customer Success Team

This is great!

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