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Setting up a daily "Field Activity Review Meeting"

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‎04-23-2020 12:34 PM

Sharing a virtual coffee @sumair_dutta  and @cjeukens engaged in a discussion about data, reports and dashboards.

When we talk to prospects and customers we sometimes get the impression that Peter Drucker was not entirely right. Many (service) organisations can be run on gut feeling and experience ... and some still are. Gut feeling and experience aren't bad at all, but there is a threshold to its scalability and durability. That's where data, reports and dashboards kick in.

@sumair_dutta Talked about data being the new oil. Ironically oil prices have hit a negative mark, but data, like oil, in its crude form is useless. You need to refine it towards its form of application. You need to know what you want to achieve. (No need to have you recall those situations where a dashboard was created for the sake of having a dashboard).



ServiceMax comes out of the box with more than 50 reports. The first question we ask our customers when they are live & operational: what reports do you use? Who is using them and how often? To our astonishment we still see instances where the usage & adoption of reports and dashboards is low. Luckily we see more and more organisations creating a process to look and act upon the data. Some organisations even embed the usage into their employee incentive programmes. Most important is that people start to recognise those reports provide insights for efficient operations and continuous improvement.

A ServiceMax customer in Australia, inspired us with what they call a Daily FARM (Field Activity Review Meeting). Some of you may recall the old television series Hill Street Blues. Each episode started with a brief stand-up all-hands meeting. A few metrics, an assignment of work, a tweak procedures and on to the street. That's what you can (and should) do with service metrics as well.

A daily or weekly review of operational KPI's is good for workload related tweaking of your business. For the more deeper learnings and adjustments trending data can complement the daily snap shot reports. Trending data gives you visibility if all your collective actions are driving the needle in the desired direction. Trending data may cause you to issue new policies or directives. The later you can inject in your daily/ weekly FARM.

Looking and acting upon data goes beyond the Field Service Management tool. It's about change management, continuous improvement and adoption. Feel free to connect to @sumair_dutta and @cjeukens for transformation support for your organisation.

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