Spring '15 Release

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The Spring '15 Release brings exciting updates.  Videos are available for each new feature.

Mobile – Android

Support for Tablet

Manual Data Purge

Barcode Scanning

Mobile - iPad

Multi-day and 14 day events

AirPrint Support for Images and Smart Docs

Sync Reports

Self Schedule

Mobile for Laptop

Attachment size increases to 25MB

Manual Data Purge

Increased Window Line Detail Size


Edit Custom SFM processes

Open SFM Wizard Step in appropriate editor

Online – Dispatch Console

Filter Techs on events

Advanced Technician Search

Flex Start, End and Drive Times

Navigation Enhancements

Grill Chef bret_cowan
Grill Chef

I am in the process of upgrading all my field iPads and am running into issues.  The main one is now finding where/how to get a customer signature on the work order through the iPad app?  Spring 15.

I also can not seem to get the links to any release videos to work for me.... So I am asking here.  Thanks!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Bret, I'd suggest you post your question about the customer signature in the Network and Share​ area.  I want to help with the release videos, what happens when you click? You should have access to those!

Grill Chef bret_cowan
Grill Chef

I reposted as requested and now the videos show up.  Thanks