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‎08-18-2015 08:30 AM

Summer '15 Overview

This video provides an overview of features released in Summer '15:

  • iPad App: Notifications using Collaboration app, ServiceMax Formulas, Web Service Support
  • Dispatch Console: Advanced Tech Search Enhancements, Deploy only Selected Settings
  • ServicePower Integration: Configurable Label and Technician Fields
  • Android App: Sync Enhancements, Attachments, Location Tracking
  • Installed Base app: New App for Installed Base Management
  • iPhone App: Notifications using Collaboration app, Advanced Sync Conflict Resolution, Sync Reports
  • ServiceFlow Manager: ServiceMax Formulas, Smart Docs enhancements
  • Laptop: Sync Enhancements, SLA Clock Support, Location Tracking, Installed Base app Integration
  • Contracts: Counter Reading Enhancements, Custom Coverages for Part Types