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Winning the Gold in Adoption Practices- Article 1

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‎03-08-2018 12:32 PM

The winter Olympics got me thinking about achieving excellence.   Being an Olympic athlete means you have excelled to the top of your game, you are the best of the best.  But how did these athletes make it there?  What made them the best?

Imagine being a top athlete and your told by your coach that you have to play a new game.  You are expected to drive positive results and win the game, but the only information you are given is where to be and when.  You show up to play as you were told to do, but you don’t know the game or the goals of the game.  You don’t know the equipment or if you have teammates.  There is limited instruction, no rules, no practice and no resource offering support for your questions.  How effective would you be at playing, driving positive results and winning that new game? 

Answer: Not very effective.

This is the scenario many businesses force onto their teams.  Professionals at the top of their game expected to delivery positive results, usually better than current results in a completely foreign, unique environment with little to no instruction and support.  Like the Olympics, businesses are results focused.  If you want to achieve top results then you need to provide the knowledge, tools, direction and support to help your team achieve success.

Field Service implementations can only be successful with end user adoption. You cannot achieve gold medal performance without your players being prepared and committed.  This blog series is geared for business leaders who want to understand how to drive their teams to Gold Metal adoption.  I will share best practices for planning, preparing and executing adoption results with your teams 

Gold Metal Adoption is achieved by executing four key principles. 

  1. Prepare Your Team – Identifying and plan for the people, the processes and the technology affected by your project.
  2. Communicate Effectively- Sharing news and key information about your ServiceMax project with leadership and teams early and often
  3. Educate With Purpose- Focusing your efforts around your audience, delivery method, business environment and the most useful formats for content
  4. Provide Comprehensive Support – Planning for resources, feedback channels and tools that support your team’s needs from beginning to well after the project is complete

These core principles are as central to your success as a business as they are for the success of any Olympic athlete.  Each Olympian has come from a well thought out plan including the right coaching, partners and opposition to grow and develop. They had the tools to put their plan into action; the leadership to drive their performance forward; the training to understand, develop and improve; and the support to work through their challenges and strive for more. 

This Olympic Blog Series will provide you with the tools to create the Gold Medal team you are meant to have. 

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Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

Nice Blog!

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