Service Parts and Reverse Logistics

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Service Parts and Reverse Logistics


Introducing ServiceMax Service Parts & Reverse Logistics in 2012

Broken products, missing parts and messy returns; these are a major drain on your profitability and a major strain on your customer relationships. But they also represent a unique opportunity. A timely, hassle-free replacement or repair can result in a customer more loyal to your brand than ever before, while a quick turnaround of refurbished products or parts can significantly lower costs and positively impact your bottom line.

  • Built on ServiceMax Parts Logistics & Depot Repair module
  • Warehousing, distribution network and logistics for global service chains
  • Returns, exchanges, and depot repair process across internal and supplier networks
  • Reduces fright costs, return turnaround time and customer churn
  • Serves consumer electronics Hi-Tech & medical device manufacturing, as well as capital equipment industries

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