The Rising Financial Importance of Field Service

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The Rising Financial Importance of Field Service


Service Profits & Raving Customers: The CFO's Agenda in 2013

Recorded Webinar

A webinar featuring research from Aly Pinder, Jr. from the Aberdeen Group and ServiceMax's CFO, Rick Gustafson​.

The data demonstrates the pulse of Service Organizations, increased revenue opportunities being driven by service organizations. Top performers are delivering best in class service efficiently while boosting profitability. Rick Gustafson provides the CFO perspective,  if you believe customer success is really important then it is incumbent on the service organization to lead the charge. Service teams spend more time with customers than any other part of the organization. They shape the brand and relationship with the customer, so it is critical that services is front and center in strategy.

Background on State of Service Management in 2013

Key Trends in Service Management:

  • Service Profitability
  • Service margins vs. product margins
  • The increased impact of service on financials
  • Trends in service differentiation

How top performing organizations who are best in class differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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