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I'm excited to share that on Monday, July 17th, I will be hosting a webinar with CFO.com at 11am PDT | 2pm ET. The synergies between connected devices, business applications, and the cloud are just a few topics we'll be discussing! To give you a little preview, I want to share my responses from an interview earlier this week with Nicole Guzzo and Deirdre Yee​. Check it out below!

Q: What’s the first step in a digital transformation?

A: The first step is getting a good understanding of where your organization is today with regard to “Digital Maturity.”

Q: What would you identify as the biggest obstacle to companies who want to go through a digital transformation?

A: The biggest obstacle for companies would be benchmarking their current position in the market against their peers.

Q: How does the customer experience change when companies start this transformation?

A: The experience changes because the customer is leaving old business processes behind and learning how to manage through new, digital, real-time data.  Think in terms of leaving a car behind and piloting a plane; there's more information, faster timing, and unfamiliar challenges. Organizational changes like this require dedication and the will to change.

Q: What's the primary motivator for companies who decide to invest in a digital transformation?

A: I often see organizations contending with old technology that is not supported. Or companies concerned with the need for better compliance and better data. The speed (or acceleration) of automated systems is increasing so rapidly that those that do not position themselves now for the digital transformation will be left behind in the very near future.

This will be a great webinar for CFOs and VPs of Finance!

Click here to register.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Joe,

Thanks for sharing! I heard you had a great group live on the phone for this, with more than 250 attendees registered! I was also privy to teh feedback that came in to the webinar team on your topic, comments included:

"Great webinar presentation!"

"Joe's presentation kept my well stimulated! The topic of digital transformation is relevant to everyone alive on this planet today and all businesses."

Here's a link to the recording, for community members interested in the topic. If you click through and watch the recording, or if you joined Joe Kenny​ live, what do you think of the topic? Keep the conversation going here in the community, and comment on this blog post!

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