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Service organizations often fail to identify and address equipment issues until it is too late and equipment stops working. But customers today expect minimal unplanned downtime and immediate response.

How can service organizations deliver an excellent experience without compromising their cost structure?

  • Service equipment proactively by taking actual equipment usage and condition into consideration
  • Manage maintenance schedules so that just the right amount of service is delivered
  • Schedule service appointments at the optimal time for both your customers and your business

Please join us for our Summer ’17 release webinar to find out how ServiceMax can help you improve customer experience through proactive maintenance. 

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Here is a peek of the new benefits of ServiceMax Summer ’17:

  • You’ll be able to minimize unplanned downtime based on actual equipment conditions with Condition Based Maintenance
  • Your dispatchers and customer success associates will instantly decide on optimal times for new appointments and negotiate with customers more effectively
  • Your engineers will be able to work faster with enhancements to Checklists and our Field Service App

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‎02-22-2017 05:52 PM

​Thanks for listening!

We appreciate you joining us for our Winter '17 Customer Preview. We hope that the presentation sparked some interest in new processes for scheduling, planned maintenance and installed base management.

In case you missed the webinar and registered for it, you should receive a copy of the recording via email within the next day or two. If you missed it, we have a recorded version Video Link : 1466.

Again, thanks for your time and we look forward to seeing you again for another product release soon.

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‎02-22-2017 05:37 PM

Thanks to everyone who joined us on our ServiceMax Winter '17 preview webinar today. We have a recording of the preview for those of you who were not able to listen in. Please feel free to share with coworkers and join us again in spring for more new feature updates to ServiceMax!

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