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2 or 3 lines per technician on dispatch console and work order breaks

2 or 3 lines per technician on dispatch console and work order breaks

2 or 3 lines per technician on dispatch console and work order breaks

some of my customer allows double booking. On dispatch console it's not easy to see all work orders at a time if technician is double booked. it would be helpful to see work orders below each other instead of just one line with the red border. there is no control, to show the work order with longest duration in the background and those with shortest duration on top.

In addition it would be helpful to have the option of an "break" in the work order. Means if I have a longterm work order and a high prio break fix will be dispatched. An "auto break" will be nice to have, so that the longterm work order will be interrupted and new re-scheduling is necessary.

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
more flexibility for the customer and easier handling of work orders within the dispatch console
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
do not allow double booking
Product Area?
Scheduling & Dispatch Work Order Management
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Winter 16
Product Team
Product Team

Heiko Lindner​ - yes, the double booking (overlaps) will be addressed in the new DC.  By "break", do you mean the equivalent of a "on hold" status?  I am not sure I follow the use case properly.  Btw, I will be in Berlin for Maximize incase you are planning to attend - we can connect there in person.   

Product Team
Product Team

This is on the roadmap and should be addressed with the release of Service Board in 19.1. SB will ensure that overlapping events or events that occur at the same time do not obscure one another.

The request for overlapping visibility appears to be a duplicate of Show / Re-assignn Multiple Work Orders on the same day/time

Regarding built in "break" times on scheduled WOs, this is not planned for dispatch console nor Service Board. However, users of SB can create Shift Plans with breaks built into them. This feature is on the roadmap as well.

Product Team
Product Team
Status changed to: Duplicate

We are tracking the ability to see overlapping jobs on separate lines via this idea (coming with Service Board in release 19.1):

Please submit a separate idea for the ability to "break" a long work order. We may need to dig deeper into the expected behavior.