Combine FCO's with Maintenance WO's in Proposed Schedule

Combine FCO's with Maintenance WO's in Proposed Schedule

Having Proposed Schedule and the new FCO tool we are now able in dispatching multiple WO's to engineers. But to become more efficient it would be great if we can add FCO's hat are already created in the Proposed Schedule for those instruments for which you are going to run the job.

Meaning if there is going to be a WO for doing Maintenance for instrument A, the system needs to check if there are FCO's for instrument A that are still open. Those one's need to be added to the list for proposal.

For Instrument B that has a FCO but not yet a WO for doing Maintenance that FCO needs to be ignored.

Suggestion for the proposed schedule list lay out would be a tick box to include FCO's or leave it unticked. 

On the lay out for FCO's needs to be a tick box that can be ticked during the creation of the FCO to indicate if the FCO could be combined with a Maintenance WO.

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Being more efficient, less travel, less downtime for the customer
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Not yet
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