In DC, Option to show either SVMX event / SFDC event or Both

In DC, Option to show either SVMX event / SFDC event or Both

Team,  IBA using both SVMX and SFDC event for assignment, By default the SVMX events gets created and by trigger code the SFDC events gets created same time.

Now most of the technician uses outlook to sync the SFDC calendar to know about the assignment details.

the original requirement from IBA is to enable event creation for more than 14 days for single assignment as  most of their work orders work in this way.

to achieve this, we have done the following

1. By default, the SVMX event gets created with the event duration being more than 14 days.

2. Trigger code fires on the SVMX event creation, then creates SFDC events as below


               a. SFDC Event 1 - for 14 days

               b. SFDC Event 2 -  for the remaining days

3. So doing this, the DC is loading both SFDC & SVMX events together in gaant and in multi-assignment screen.

4.  which customer feels like duplicating records.

So to handle this situation, recommendation to have setting for DC, which shows option to display either by SFDC event / SVMX event / Both ( picklist )

Based on the setting, the event should load in dispatch console.

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
By enabling this settings, we can have a provision to show events display based on customer needs
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
at moment, this is being blocked and customer wanted this feature request available asap
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Product Team
Status changed to: Not Planned

Closing as "Not planned" as we do not intend to further enhance DC1. The implementation approach should be reviewed during the migration to Service Board.