Manage Multi assignments could be leaner

Manage Multi assignments could be leaner

Winter ’14 release feedback…I know it’s been over a year!  The improvements to manage multiple assignments included an improved ability to edit or delete existing events in the multi-assign dialog box.

To reach this dialog box, a user first needs to pass a decision point, which includes the options to “unassign this work order” or “assign to multiple”.  If the user chooses to unassign the work order from all current assigned technicians, they would select the “unassign this work order option” at this step.  If the user chooses to modify the current assignments they would choose “assign to multiple” (which could be labeled more clearly as “manage assignments”).    When that selection is made, the user faces another decision point: “Do you want to unassign from currently assigned team/tech and reassign the work order? “  with the options of yes, no, or cancel.  Since the decision to unassign the work order would have already been selected at the previous decision point, the only option a user wants at this step is “manage the current assignments”.  The assignment dialog box should open immediately without this additional, non-value added decision point.  These are unnecessary extra clicks and decisions.

The current design is not lean, nor simple.  It’s asking the same question again right after you already answered it!  Just a user simplification idea to consider - thanks!

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Status changed to: Not Planned

Changing to Not Planned as we do not intend to make changes to the current Dispatch Console. The multi-assign capabilities have been greatly improved in Service Board.