Technician Calendar and WO Views in Dispatch Console [GE W&PT]

Technician Calendar and WO Views in Dispatch Console [GE W&PT]

Submitted on behalf of GE Water & Process Technology

Field Service Rep Managers to be able to see/not edit their team’s calendars

Same way dispatchers can view calendars/availability from DC

Read Only for FSR Managers

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Providing techs and managers with visibility to their own and other tech's calendars
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
Using DC as is and seeing calendar but not at tech level detailServiceMax PM looking into supporting other license typesSUM16 Optimax may be a solution
Product Area?
Scheduling & Dispatch
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Spring 16
Product Team
Product Team

Hi Kevin, Rachel, Timothy or Huzaifa -  Thanks for submitting and voting on this idea.  I am a Product Manager that works on the DC.  I have a few follow up questions on this request.  Who would be the best person to reach out to? 

Line Chef
Line Chef

Hi, Jain

There have been a few of us working on this idea within our group. Would it be possible to set a call in the coming weeks to discuss?

I can set 30 minutes for this week or next depending on your availability. What time zone are you in so I can set this up?



Product Team
Product Team

Hi Rachel - A call would be great.  Can you ping me at directly and we can determine a good time (i am in PST time zone). 



Product Team
Product Team

We have identified this as a Duplicate of another Idea on the Exchange, which is currently on the Roadmap. This issue will be addressed by Service Board in 19.1 release (Feb 2019)

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