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Comment on the soft scheduling functionality

Grill Chef
Grill Chef

Comment on the soft scheduling functionality

I finally got around to testing the soft scheduling functionality. Our shop uses fake technicians to hold work orders before moving the work orders on to the actual technicians for scheduling. We will rid the dispatch console of our fake place holding non-technicians. The business process savings in time and money are significant.

Cost savings are:

  • Only need one technician profile now instead of two. (Technician turnover is high.)
  • Dispatch console view is more user friendly with fewer technician profiles for a dispatcher to deal with, thus saving time in the scheduling process.
  • Less scheduling error rate leads to a happier customer.

There was one setup hitch, I first created the fields as multi select picklists. On line help points out what fields are acceptable to the process. I did not see any warnings around multiply pick lists limitations. The DC console update screen would not display the newly created event. After checking permissions, page views, and everything else, I changed the fields to simple picklists and low and behold the event showed up in the DC field update values. I also utilized different colors for the process. We are on version summer 15.

Re: Comment on the soft scheduling functionality

Great information Lanny, thanks for sharing.  Here's some more information on how to do the soft scheduling setup as well: 

User can achieve this by making use of setting SET012 (Event Criteria for iPad client, under module ServiceMax iPad Client, submodule Synchronization). Here are the steps to be executed:

1. Create a custom pick list field in Salesforce Event Object and in ServiceMax Event Object with the following attributes:

Field Label & API Name: Event Status & Event_Status__c

Picklist Values: Reserved, Confirmed

  Default: --None--

2. Include the above field in Dispatch Console Field Update configuration screen (ServiceMax Setup home > Dispatch Management).

3. Set the value of Group Configuration setting SET012 (Event Criteria for iPad client, under module ServiceMax iPad Client, submodule Synchronization) for the required Group Profiles to and Event_Status__c != 'Reserved'.

4.When scheduling a Work Order Event, set Event Status field in Field Updates section to Reserved. If required, Event Color Rules can be defined in Dispatch Console, for displaying Reserved events in a different color in the Gantt for easy identification.

5. When it is required to confirm the schedule, edit the event and set the Event Status field to Confirmed. The next data / event sync will download this event to iPad.

Note: Setting the default value to "None", will ensure that any event created in iPad will not disappear from iPad after sync




Grill Chef
Grill Chef

Re: Comment on the soft scheduling functionality

Hi Chris Mikutel,

thanks for the interesting feature. It was very helpful and my customer want's a feature like this.

One comment from my side:

  • the criteria Event_Status__c != 'Reserved' in SET012 does not work for me, but if I changed this to and Event_Status__c != 'Reserved' works how expected

Two quick questions:

  • this feature is only for the iPad Calendar View? What I mean, the workorder event isn't visible in calendar view, but if I am using "Explore" tab on iPad, the workorder data are available. This is happen, why my download criteria are may not right?
  • after dispatching a workorder with Status == confirmed, my App synced the event and shows the WO event, that's fine. If I change than Status to reserved, the event is already visible in iPad calendar and will not be removed. Is there any way to remove the reserved event? If I do an App Reset, the event isn't available on calendar

many thanks for a quick response, have a great weekend



Re: Comment on the soft scheduling functionality

Lanny Salisbury​ Thanks for the feedback. Multi-select picklist fields are currently not supported in Dispatch Console Field Updates configuration screen. The online help has been updated with this information. You can find it at the following URL:

Grill Chef
Grill Chef

Re: Comment on the soft scheduling functionality

Thanks Hema

That was quick and painless.