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DC Users: How do you find a resource?

Dispatch Console End Users - As you may know, we are working on the new Dispatch Console.  I would like to better understand from you, the end users of the DC, the following:

* What might an effective resource search or filter look like for you? 

* What are common variables you search for when narrowing down your list of resources (e.g. name, skill, etc)? 

* When do you look for resources? That is, do you try to find resources based on the work order that you are working on?  Or for some other reason? 

As you think about your responses, don't be limited by what you know of today's Dispatch Console.  We have some designs in play but before I share those with you, I wanted to elicit a response from the Community. 


Mayhul Jain

Product Management | Scheduling

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Re: DC Users: How do you find a resource?

For our Teams that are interested in resource assignment they look at a few things; What is required for the Account, what is required to service the installed product and what is required for the Work Order Type.  Let me say first that we are not using skill matching rules as we do not have Optimax.  We have currently created skills and assigned various skills to Technicians.  We have some skills that represent certifications as well as skills for repair or training on various systems but outside of this our Dispatcher has to be aware of the necessary account requirements, like OSHA certification or some special security clearance before they would be able to do an advanced technician search in the DC. This requires an extra step outside of SM if the Dispatcher is not familiar with the accounts requirements.  In my opinion, it would be optimal to allow skill assignment also be added on the Account and IP level so that matching of these skills can all come together and apply against the assigned skills of the Technicians when dispatching the Work Order.  This would greatly assist in making sure we dispatch the right Technician the first time.

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