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Design: Nearby Jobs

Safe Harbor Disclaimer: This is forward looking design and you should not base on business decisions on the content provided here.  We may or may not move forward on this design. 

Use Case: Often, Dispatchers are seeking to find nearby jobs to fill the "white space" for a particular resource.  Tying in the concepts of Resource Recommendation, Mini-Gantt and Maps, we have created this design that we believe will be effective for your Dispatchers.  Please watch attached video (2.5 minutes) and provide your feedback.

Would this work for your business? 

What would you change about it? 

What associated use cases are important to you? 

Video Link : 1556

Christian SchmidFabian SchäferSusan MichelAdam Homoly

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Re: Design: Nearby Jobs

First off - the interface looks great. I like this function overall.

A couple of thoughts / ideas:

  • perhaps add great filtering capabilities into the proposed jobs. Right now, it seems to be heavily based on distance from an existing job. However, as a dispatcher, I want to identify the jobs that are 1) nearby-ish, and 2) are the most important for my team to complete today. The ability to filter by status / priority / age / etc. would be very necessary to identify jobs that are both close and important.

  • as you have already selected a particular job (Job X), could the new job (Job Y) the dispatcher identifies be added to the technicians calendar by double clicking on Job Y (or by clicking an "add" button) rather than dragging? I ask this because 1) we know the distance, and 2) we have a standard / calculated drive time available.

  • sort of adding onto my comment above --> the recommended jobs engine is already calculating the estimated "match" (Job Y) compared to the original job (Job X). Could the function be enhanced with a business rule that states, "If the job match is greater than a certain percent match / it is within a certain distance / for a certain customer / is a certain priority / etc. to auto-select and add it to the technicians calendar?

  • what would be a key piece of information for the dispatcher to understand is why something is a 72% match vs. a 100% match. Perhaps a given technician is inexperienced / doesn't have an important part available. Giving some insight into why someone is a good fit vs. a bad fit may improve dispatchers ability to determine best schedule.
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Staff Chef richard_lewis
Staff Chef

Re: Design: Nearby Jobs

Hi Mayhul Jain​, this look like a cool feature. I agree with Samuel Neva​ about the ability to understand what has determined the percentage. Maybe click on the percentage and get a pop up of what made it that value. I also agree on the ability to add more/custom filters but this needs to be carefully done so it doesn't become too complex. For the auto schedule maybe a right click option on the job you choose to auto schedule and it is added to the gannt in the next available slot. I feel this should still involve a decision by the dispatcher.

Regards, Richard

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Product Team
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Re: Design: Nearby Jobs

Richard LewisSamuel Neva​ - Thanks for the solid feedback. 

* Filtering - Based on your feedback and a few others, we are going to go back and put in a more comprehensive filter. 

* Adding a job - If it were manual where you hit a plus button, would you just add it to the first available slot? 

* Auto Schedule - Yes, I think the eventual goal is make this whole experience more automated/assisted and potentially tie in the Optimizer. 

* Percentage Matching rationale - Yes, so we have this on the Scheduler tab and we will add it here as well.  Good call. 

Gabriele BoddaRiordan Reyes

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Re: Design: Nearby Jobs

Mayhul Jain re: adding a job, I agree it would be added to the first available time slot.

Adding a bit of detail to clarify suggestion a bit more... Let's say Mayhul the dispatcher has just assigned "Job X" to Sam's calendar. "Job X" has certain requirements and characteristics A, B, and C. Mayhul the dispatcher selects "Job X" and clicks "identify similar jobs" (or filters for this accordingly), which considers those requirements / characteristics A, B, and C. The solution proposes a list of jobs / activities with the percentage match. Mayhul the dispatcher is able to review the rationale for the percentage match to determine which job is preferred. Once Mayhul the dispatcher has selected the job to add (Job Y), he clicks a plus sign of sorts. By clicking that plus sign, that "Job Y" / "Activity Y" is automatically added to the same technician's calendar in the time slit most near the job to which the original comparison was made using the anticipated time to complete.

If "Job Y" requires 2 hours, and there is only a 1 hour gap between "Job X" and another job / end of work day, then the work order is pushed to the next available time-slot that meets requirements.

I envision this being most useful in the following scenario:

  • a firm does 1-5 WO per day, with many of those jobs being remote sites (such as a wind farm). The Tech has to drive out there for two hours, so once she is there, we want to schedule as many jobs as we can nearby. This firm doesn't use Optimax.
  • intra-day scheduling for key high priority work orders in a city where drive-time doesn't matter much. This scenario is because if "Job Y" is pushed to an open time-slot tomorrow, that is okay because the tech won't ever be too far away.
  • Customers with heavy emphasis on skill / certification / product expertise. They need to assign work to a certain individual with very specific skills acquired over a lifetime that make that technician a dream for dispatchers like you.
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Product Team
Product Team

Re: Design: Nearby Jobs

Got it!  Agreed and makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to articulate it  

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Pastry Chef russjaco
Pastry Chef

Re: Design: Nearby Jobs

This feature would be incredibly useful, and agree with the comments about filtering and ranking the jobs.

Another feature which could also be useful to us, list the job that are between this particular WO and the engineers home base, say within 20 miles of the main routes (not easy to do i guess).

Our engineers would typically do 1 or 2 jobs a day, occasionally they will finish a day job a bit early, and while there may not be another job in the vicinity, there could be one on their way home.

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Product Team
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Re: Design: Nearby Jobs

Russell Jacobs​ -  I spoke to our UX team about your route comment.  We will try to enable to routes as a default view on this so users can see what is on/near the route.  Good feedback. 

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Roast Chef brendenburkinsh
Roast Chef

Re: Design: Nearby Jobs

This looks really good Mayhul Jain would it be possible to show live traffic conditions. A job may be closer but due to traffic conditions actually take longer for the technician/engineer to get to a site.

If we could use technicians current location and then that of the nearby jobs and calculate the drive time it could be used in the match weighting shown in the demo.

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Product Team

Re: Design: Nearby Jobs

Thanks for the feedback Brenden Burkinshaw​.  With regards to the live traffic, we should be able to have that as another layer that can be toggled on/off - this assumes that you want to have the tech get there right away (vs planning for the future).  It won't be there in 19.1 but we will plan on it or 19.2.

Agreed on the second point as well for resource recommendation - we are thinking about a number of paramters that we can add such as parts in trunk stock, availability and location (per your suggestion above).   

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