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Fry Chef

Dispatch Console Events not displayed

Has anyone else seen this issue?  Using Autumn17: Change the dates on the gantt chart to one week in September with one service territory expanded and click refresh.  Get the Events Loaded message - no error messages.  Two technicians show a free day on Thursday of the requested week - both actually had work orders scheduled on that day that were scheduled several days ago.  Close the Dispatch Console and re-open - the events appear. 

I haven't been able to recreate this but I have had more than one complaint like this from our dispatching team.

Pastry Chef
Pastry Chef

Re: Dispatch Console Events not displayed

Customer Support is this a known issue, I have just logged into out Sandbox (Winter 18) and opened the dispatch console and the Salesforce Events are there they just are not showing on the gannt chart.

Salesforce Calender

Dispatch Console

Work Order Activities

Was planning to upgrade our Production Org, but this will prevent me from doing so until a fix is in place.