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Dispatch Console showing ID instead of Location name

Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

Dispatch Console showing ID instead of Location name

Anyone else having issues with Dispatch Console?  Seems that where we had the Location Name showing up on the Event Subject and Event Hover we now have the Location ID showing up.   Not sure what caused this to happen.  This started happening last Monday.  Mike Monin


Re: Dispatch Console showing ID instead of Location name

I have seen this happen a log time ago and I think I removed that field from the Event subject and Event Hoover, saved it, added it back and re-saved it and it started working again.  You may want to try that first and if not I hope you already opened a ticket with the ServiceMax support team so they can help you.

Another thing it could be....  did you upgrade your org recently? I have seen that happen sometimes when the seed data did not get loaded because of an error after the install.

On a side note, here is a useful tip that I like to do with the Event Subject, I created a formula field on the WO called "Event Subject" which has all the fields I want in my event subject.   I only have one field listed in my Event Subject Rule which is my "Event Subject" formula field and then I only have to update the formula field if I want to change the Event subject rule and it truncates the Event Subject to 79 chars too so its never too large.

Event Subject (formula field) = LEFT( Name + ";" + SVMXC__Company__r.Name + ';' + SVMXC__Street__c + ';' + SVMXC__City__c + ";" + Subject__c, 79)

Meenakshi S

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