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Drive Time Calculation for Work Order Dispatching

Fry Chef
Fry Chef

Drive Time Calculation for Work Order Dispatching

First of all we have newly implemented servicemax for our field services business. We have a need from business to automatically calculate drive time while scheduling WO's from Dispatcher Console (Using API Call to Google) by using address locations between two work orders.

I want to check with you all did any one implemented similar functionality, is this available for us out of the box with servicemax managed package with some features activation  or if not can did any one done customization using events from dispatch console?

Any inputs in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Grill Chef
Grill Chef

Re: Drive Time Calculation for Work Order Dispatching

Yes, agree. This is one of the good idea which should be considered by SMAX for inclusion in the package. 

Whenever there is a manual assignment via dispatch console, there is no option to determine the drive time required for the work order location.

Option should be enabled to pre-calculate and show the drive time on dispatch console. Thanks!


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