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Google Map of Technicians

Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

Google Map of Technicians

Just wanted to share something I threw together this morning in response to an internal request for a map showing our technicians. The Dispatch Console won't cut it since it's Flash and doesn't seem to have the ability to plot technicians, just work orders and techs within that radius.

I built this visual force page that pulls the lat/long from tech records and put them on a map.


There's this VF page that draws the map with the Google Maps JS API, and another VF page that creates the XML data that feeds the API. I did have to extend the controller to overcome the 20 results limit.

The markers have the initials of the technician, and when you mouse over a marker, it shows their name and the last time their record was updated.

I'd like to color code the markers to indicate old GPS updates and maybe plot some open work orders on the map as well.

If anyone would like the code to play around with I can post it.