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How to restrict and SFM for a Specific Profile!!!

Line Chef
Line Chef

How to restrict and SFM for a Specific Profile!!!

Hi Team,

Could you please advise how to restrict an SFM for a specific Profile.

Either the SFM should not be visible or disabled.

Please advise.



User Reply How to restrict and SFM for a Specific Profile!!! marie_coon

We are reviewing and preparing to publish an article on this very topic.  Here are the steps.  Your feedback would be greatly appreciated on whether this was helpful or if something was missing.

To disable a wizard from a specific profile, perform the following steps:

1. Remove SFM from Technician Profile
  1. Go to ServiceMax Setup | Service Flow Manager | SFM Wizards
  2. Select Object: Select object from the dropdown menu
  3. Select the Custom SFM Wizard from the list and click Edit
  4. Click on the Manage Permissions tab
  5. Remove the desired profile from the Selected ServiceMax Group Profiles section
  6. Click Save and Close
SFM wizard permissions should be assigned to at least one profile in order to respect the condition criteria. If no other profile exists once you remove the targeted profile, add the wizard permission to a dummy profile. This will then allow the SFM Wizard to only be seen by that profile. Otherwise, if no profile is selected, everyone will see the SFM Wizard.