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Identifying tools needed for a job


Identifying tools needed for a job

We have tools defined as technician/ Equipement records and we need to be able to identify the tools needed for a particular work order and schedule these tools along with technicians when we schedule a work order on Service Board.

We have thought about defining certain skills e.g. 'calibrator' to assign to a calibrator an then using skill match rules so that when a work order is created related to an installed product which needs a calibrator to service it then that becomes a skill requirement on the work order.

This wont work for us though because the skills relevant to a technician and a tool become exclusive and you end up needing to be both a skilled technician AND a calibrator to be suitable for the work order.

What we need is a way to categorise skills as being relevant to tools or technicians and have recommend resource respect this too.

We need this to be respected across the platform e.g. by the optimiser too.

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