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Grill Chef ivargu
Grill Chef

Is anybody running into performance limits on the Dispatch Console?

Hi all.

We have a few dispatchers who have access to teams totalling around 170 technicians. If they try to view a period of 3-4 months everything slows down significantly, and as they approach the 5-6 month mark the browser simply crashes.

Is anybody else seeing something similar? Or does anybody know if there are published official upper scope limits to how much you can view in the Console?

Best regards,


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Staff Chef richard_lewis
Staff Chef

Re: Is anybody running into performance limits on the Dispatch Console?

Yes pitney bowes​ are. We have some dispatcher users people can use login as access to login as. These dispatcher users only have access to some of the teams. The issue we are told is that the dispatch console loads ALL events for all technicians on load. There is a planned V2 of dispatch console towards the end of this year so that may solve your troubles. ServiceMax did some baseline work for us on what the limits of the dispatch console are so I am sure through a support request you could get this data from them.

We have created an idea for productisation of our workaround

There is a design session for this new V2 dispatch console you may wish to attend Design Time: New Dispatch Console​. This gives you the ability to see the design plans and input.

Regards, Richard

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