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Long Job Scheduling

Is anyone using the Long Job Scheduling feature in Servicemax in a manual mode?

I am looking in to enabling it for our users to allow them to schedule work orders for longer than 14 days and wondering if anyone has any experience of it.  Do I need to also enable Job Duration Management if I am not automatically assigning work orders for example? Do I still need to switch to the use the Servicemax event instead of the SF one?

Would like to hear of your experiences and tips for using it.


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Re: Long Job Scheduling

Hi @mark_taylor I came upon this when I was looking into long job scheduling for one of my customers. It's an old post, but see you're still active in the community. @forrest_yount don't know if you have his same use case, but you both use the feature, so wondered if you wanted to give your 2 cents?

If you want to get my attention quickly, please be sure to @ me.  Thanks!
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