Grill Chef rcoletta
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Map don't move

Does someone experience the same ?

I try to navigate into the map, you know with the mouse I should be able to move it to slide up an down, left and right.

But nothing happen it's frozen !!

Does someone has an idea, an update.

Thank you

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Grill Chef rcoletta
Grill Chef

Re: Map don't move

Nick SauerRamesh Kotamareddy​ trying to get some support on this issue.

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Staff Chef richard_lewis
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Re: Map don't move

Hi Richard, can you share the browser details you are using. I assume this is the dispatch console. You may also want to log a support case in parallel as you may get a quicker response there.

Regards, Richard

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Roast Chef nick_sauer
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Re: Map don't move

Thanks Richard.  I understand from Ramesh that a Case is now open and this is an issue coming up last couple days across multiple versions and browsers (just saw it demonstrated in Chrome and IE).

If you set the distance radius circle, you can then drag from within the circle (but not without).  It's very strange behavior and apparently SVMX is investigating currently.

Ramesh Kotamareddy

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Fry Chef waka1241
Fry Chef

Re: Map don't move

Hi Nick Sauer,

This issue is resolved or still facing? actually i am also looking for the solution for this issue. Please share the solution, if you have.



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Re: Map don't move

I recommend filing a case with support.  Ramesh's case may differ in some ways from yours so the fix applied in his case may or may not work in yours.  Support will be able to help you.

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Line Chef witoldsander
Line Chef

Re: Map don't move

There is one trick, if you plote circle on the map, and grab the map inside the circle, then moving will be possible.


Witold Sander

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