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Fry Chef ferdie_klok
Fry Chef

Private SFDC events in the dispatch console

Dear all,

It seems to me that when you mark an Salesforce event as private, all the info is visible in the dispatch console.

- is this true

- if so, are there workarounds?

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Re: Private SFDC events in the dispatch console

Yes, it is true that private events are visible in Dispatch Console, though it is not possible for users other than the event owner to edit such events from Dispatch Console. There is no workaround to restrict visibility to such events in Dispatch Console.

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Sushi Chef elina_ristila
Sushi Chef

Re: Private SFDC events in the dispatch console

We also have a need that Dispatch console respects private issue of Event object.

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Fry Chef nabil_zeghache
Fry Chef

Re: Private SFDC events in the dispatch console

Hello Anita D'Souza​,

Do you know who I should contact to get some progress on this issue?

We are planning to enable Lightning sync in our org in order for planners to have full visibility on FSRs availability without having FSRs to make double entries.

However, if private events' details are available to planners, this is going to be an issue (including potential legal issues with GDPR).

I was thinking that this issue may come from the fact that the controller getting the events uses "without sharing" in order to be able to see all events of all FSRs. However, it does not seem to be complex to add a check on the dispatch console to NOT render details if the event is marked as private.

Thanks for your help!

Sandeep Reddy Musku​, Yannick Tisserand​, Vishnu Chandrasekar

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