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Q&A Follow Up: Crews

Hi All - Below are the answers to the questions regarding Crews that were unanswered (or worth reiterating) from Tuesday's webinar.

  • Crew Setup and Management
    • Can you elaborate on crews again - does the crew have to be the same people tied together for the duration of the day/week/forever? and can one person be part of different crews?
      • Crews are tied together for the duration of the day. 
      • One Resource can be part of different crews, just not at the same time.  If there are use cases that require that, please let us know. 
    • Do you have to group the crew on the DC itself or from the back end just like how we set up the Service Teams and Technicians?
      • You could do it from the backend as well (in DC Admin) but the Crew Manager UI is easier to manage and work with. 
    • Can technicians belonging to different teams be part of the same crew?
      • Yes. 
    • Are the crew's permanent or temporary? is this to be used for multiple tech work orders?
      • They can be either temporary or permanent.  We will still have multi-assign. 
    • So is crew by grouped by Project/Work Order?  Can you do "Crew" e.g. temporary project specific?
    • Who will be able to create a crew? Any dispatchers or will it be a specific grant?
      • There will be a crew manager role. 
    • Will the crew created be visible for any dispatchers from a specific country/region, or will we have to assign the crew to anybody specifically?
      • As long as the Dispatcher has access to the team the Crew belongs to, it is visible to them. 
    • Can I have crews in multilayers? for example a layer crew region east and then underneath two crews east1 and east 2

      • Yes, you would have to set them up as pseudo-service teams.  Top layer would be Region East and then two crews within. 
    • If you assign different crew members on different days in the Crew Manager view, how do you know what that is when you go back to the Scheduler view?  Would you have to go back and forth to the Crew Manager view just to know who is available to the Crew on what days? 

      • On the popover for Crews in Scheduler tab, we will eventually have the ability to scroll through days to see compositions of crews on different days.  For now, you will need to go to Crew Manager tab. 

  • Assigning Work Orders to Crews and Visibility on Gantt
    • Could we create an event to a crew instead of a specific field?  I mean, would the event be duplicated to any member of the crew?
      • Not sure what you mean by "specific field" but if you created an event for the crew, it would be cascaded to all members of the crew. 
    • Is this functionality same as multiple technician assignment on a WO?  How would this show on the technician's calendar? Would each technician accept on their calendar or would only one person in the crew accept the WO?
      • Multi-assign will still exist; it will be used for assigning multiple people to a single work order. 
      • If a tech is on a crew, then it would show as individual appointments for each technician.  Each technician can update his/her individual status but the one that will dictate it is the crew leader. 
    • And also can a work order be assigned to a person that is also part of a crew?
      • Yes, an individual Resource that is part of a Crew can have a job just assigned to them. 
    • So in Crews, it will show the individual busy during that time

      • If they have an appointment assigned to them, then yes. 
    • Is the crew leader the equivalent of the primary technician ?
      • We have not made that correlation yet. 
    • If you drop a multi day work order onto a crew, does it divide its duration across all the team members assigned?  e.g. work order lasts for 3 days and is assigned to 3 people, it will assigned to 3 people 1 day each instead of 3 people 3 days each.
      • Not yet, you are thinking about Long Job Scheduling + Crews.  That's coming in the future. 
    • Crew can include e.g. a customer technician, a resource that is not mine but must be considered to fulfill the WO?

      • Unclear on this question; please restate and add details.

  • Other
    • Is the Project Management capability an expansion on the Crew Manager tab?
      • It will be different but the user experience with crew manager and other tabs will be a cohesive one.

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