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Q&A Follow Up: Gantt and Resources

Product Team
Product Team

Q&A Follow Up: Gantt and Resources

  • Timezones
    • Are the time zone of Technicians versus Dispatcher time zone the same as in previous DC ? We are not using the business hours because of the time zone that can change from one mission to another one.  Related - You mentioned timezone, how about the timezone of the technician if it is different to the dispatcher. What if the customer is in a different timezone.  Is there a way to show that to minimise confusion.
      • Timezones are a definitely a tough issue to solve visually.  For now, we are keeping it straightforward by having a timezone that the dispatcher can change directly from the Gantt view.   We will be exploring additional designs with regards to timezones.  Please provide additional use cases. 
  • Overlaps
    • Is it possible to disallow overlaps? Related - Is there a feature to have a warning for overlapping events for the same FSR?
      • Validation for overlaps will be in place by GA. 
    • And also a possibility to have the best probable/possible automatic overlap resolution.
      • Yes, that is a roadmap item. 
    • If there is a conflict then does it show the assignments in separate lines or they are overlapped
      • In separate lines. 
  • Gantt Navigation
    • Can we scroll on the Gantt Chart and it will move the dates accordingly
      • Yes, assuming you move to the range of dates within your preset (e.g. daily, one week, four weeks, etc). 
    • Will the dropdown list of daily/weekly view be manageable/configurable ?
      • Currently hardcoded but will be configurable by GA. 
  • Assigning and Finding Work/Events
    • If you type in a specific work order number will it filter the gantt to only show that work order?
      • No but by Beta 2, we will have "Show on Gantt" available from the Work Order action menu.
    • If you assign a WO to 3 technicians and your start date of mission is delayed from 2 weeks can you move all your assignments in 1 time ?
      • Yes, that is a Beta 2 item. 
    • Would we get the ability to perform recurring event scheduling for multiple FSRs?
      • In Beta 1, it can be done by the Admin only.  By GA, it will be available to users on Dispatch App. 
  • Unclear Questions that need more clarification
    • Is their paging/reloading on the gantt chart that hinders your workflows like on todays DC?
      • Not sure i understand - there is no pagination today.  What do you mean 'hinders workflows'? 
    • Here your event is 1hour long - what is the proposal to manage long mission like 1 week / 1 month / 6 month?
      • Can you elaborate?  Is your question around how to assign and view a long job on the gantt? 

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