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Q&A Follow Up: Jobs List & Lifecycle Status

Product Team
Product Team

Q&A Follow Up: Jobs List & Lifecycle Status

Hi All - Below are the answers to the questions regarding Jobs List and Lifecycle Status that were unanswered (or worth reiterating) from Tuesday's webinar. 

  • Refresh - Does this [referring to push notification and reload] mean you will have no real-time reload of the console when other Users changed other WO?  Related Question -- Is the scheduler tab set to auto refresh to make sure that the work orders statuses get updated for the dispatchers on an ongoing basis?
    • If the assumption is that the other Work Orders are also in the same list view, then this will not be available for Beta2 but it is planned (ideally by GA). 

  • Card View
    • Having the WO list on the left drastically limits the amount of information that is showing versus the existing DC with a scroll bar and multiple columns available.  Can the WO panel be un-docked and expanded larger to show more info, or can the un-expanded view of the WO be configured to show much more info?
      • Not for Beta1 but we would like your feedback on this and how you organize and work with work orders so we can iterate on our designs. 
    • Will we be able to manage the color of the WO, or is it hardcoded? Related - Can we configure the color based on the WO status instead of the priority field ?
      • Colors for Beta1 are hardcoded but by Beta2, they will be configurable. 

  • List Views, Search and Filters
    • View Dropdown;  It would be nice to use iconography to distinguish between views configured for you or by you.
      • Good point, I have sent this over to our UX designer for review. 
    • Is there any limit to show fields on the card on WO
      • No limit. 
    • Can you save those filters?
      • Yes
    • Are the views as Recent Jobs by Account still to be defined in the configuration or can the users defined all the views they need with the fields they want to be used in filters?
      • Current design has the Admin creating an initial view for the end user.  From there, end users can create personalized views as defined thru the filters. 
    • Does it mean that end users can now create their new views? Own views I mean?
      • Yes
    • How does the search work if it is not cached?
      • We are utilizing Elastic Search which is based on indexing and makes it far faster than a traditional SQL query.  It is not dependent on caching. 
    • Are the WO fields that you see on click in the gantt  freely configurable?
      • Yes, the form designer will allow the admin to configure the form. 

  • Lifecycle Status
    • Can status changes be triggered based on adding WO's to the calendar and also when removing them from the calendar?
      • Yes - that is what I was trying to demo when I moved a new work order to the gantt, it changed the status to dispatched.  Same goes for removing it. 
    • Will updating the status on the DC update the status of the WO on the Work Order object?
      • DC2 will update another field that we have created in the Work Order Object called Lifecycle Status.  You could put a rule in place to update the SFDC Work Order Status that is tied to the Lifecycle Status. 

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