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Sushi Chef aidankirkpatric
Sushi Chef

SalesForce events or ServiceMax ones?

I have just been looking at changing the information displayed in the events of the day and week views in the iPad app.  I have successfully changed SET5 and SET6 (as per the SM16 UserDocs instructions), but have since noticed that all of the Dispatch Console generated events are SalesForce events.  This is OK, but there seem to be more fields available when populating a ServiceMax event.  Does the system always generate SalesForce events, does it change the type of event it creates based on some criteria, can it be set manually to be always ServiceMax events, or is it not possible to change this at present?

All help gratefully received!

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Roast Chef mark_v3553
Roast Chef

Re: SalesForce events or ServiceMax ones?

Hi Aidan,

We too have a similar story...

We wanted to develop a new standalone SFM for the purpose of creating Events but from a pre-defined picklist, so our engineers could only choose from a defined list what the reason for the event is. This we needed to switch in the Org Wide profile switching the Common > Global Settings > GBL025 to be ServiceMax Event and not default to Salesforce Event.

Although this has caused us some difficulties in the event creation is now enabled on the iPad with the new custom SFM we have built. But on the iPad the display in the calendar is the URL key and nothing else, I cannot find a way to structure the view to be the details from the custom event SFM we have created. Please let me know if you have any other guidance you may have replicated in this topic.

BR, Mark

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