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Setting up a hierarchy for service teams


Setting up a hierarchy for service teams

We would like to set up a hierarchy for our service teams.  The request is mainly so that we can easily identify service teams per country, state or region (we have a global service operation). Any ideas or suggestions on how to do this?  Any pitfalls on why we should not do this?

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Re: Setting up a hierarchy for service teams

A lot of customers have custom fields like Service Region, Service Cluster, Service District in addition to the managed package Country field fields to create a Service team hierarchy and they put these fields on the on the Service Team and Location which maps to your IP.  You can then create Dispatch Console views for each service team in your hierarchy and assign them to the Service Team for that Country, Service Region, Service Cluster, and or Service District.  If you have an Auto Assignment customization then you can leverage these fields there.  

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