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What are Hotline Groups?

Product Team
Product Team

What are Hotline Groups?

Sharing knowledge quickly and effectively is a challenge for many field service organizations. 

Internal support is plagued by long hold times and slow communication, which leads to frustrated frontline workers who often start rogue conversations on consumer apps to get the answers they need. 

Unlike small teams who can easily share information in real-time, large service teams made up of hundreds to thousands of technicians don’t have that same ability on the existing communication tools available to them. 

That's where Hotline Groups come in. 

Developed in response to this widespread issue among large teams of deskless workers, Hotline Groups allows field teams to bypass the long hold times and email queues that waste valuable time, and instead get an immediate and direct line of communication to colleagues who have the right knowledge.

With Hotline Groups, users can now send a message to a Zinc group without being a member of that group.

Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Bypass long call center queues with an Expert Hotline Group that anyone can message into for help
  • Use all modes to solve the problem in a dedicated conversation and bring in any other team members who could be of help
  • Track resolution times and view productivity reports in the Zinc Admin Console


How are you sharing knowledge across your employees? How do you escalate questions / issues?