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Zinc - Guest User Role

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The Guest user role helps organizations maintain privacy while using Zinc with partners, vendors, and customers.

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The Guest user type is designed to help organizations maintain privacy when using Zinc with people outside the company, such as contractors, vendors, or customers.  When a user has the “guest” role within a Zinc organization they still have access to all of the features of Zinc; however, their visibility into the organization is limited – for example, they cannot see all of the organization members in the People directory.  Currently, users can only be given a guest role by enabling the organization setting that makes all cross-domain users guests automatically. (Cross-domain users are users with email address domains that are not one of the organization’s associated domains; for example, if a Zinc organization had and as associated domains, then would be considered a cross-domain user.)


Guest User Restrictions
When a user has the guest role the following changes happen:

Restricted visibility into organization membership
In several places in the app, they see a limited number of the people in their host organization (i.e., the organization in which they are a guest). This restricted visibility happens in the following places:

  1. The People directory
  2. Suggested recipients and autocomplete suggestions for new text messages, and voice and video calls
  3. Autocomplete suggestions when adding people to a group conversation
In these parts of the user interface, guest users only see host organization members who meet the following criteria:
  1. They have the same email address domain as the guest user does. Public email address domains, such as are an exception – these users do not see anyone from the organization in the People directory
  2. The guest user has already communicated with the primary email address host user member

Excluded from “All Users” broadcasts
If a broadcast is sent to “All Users” in the host organization it will not be sent to guests. It will only be sent to users who do not have the guest role.  However, if a broadcast is sent to a group, user property, or broadcast list that the guest user belongs to, then they will still receive the broadcast.


How To Make Users Guests

Currently, the only way to make a user a guest is by enabling the organization setting that makes all cross-domain users guests automatically. (A cross-domain user is any user whose email address domain is not one of the organization’s associated domains.) When the make-cross-domain-users-guests toggle is turned on all existing cross-domain users will be given the guest role, and all new cross-domain users who are added to the organization going forward will be given the guest role automatically.  If the toggle is switched off, so cross-domain users should no longer be guests, then all existing cross-domain users will have the guest role removed, becoming full organization members.

If you’re interested in enabling guest users for your organization, talk with your Zinc/ServiceMax customer success manager.


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