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Learn three ways to assign an admin to a group or folder.




Who can assign an Admin to a Folder or Group?

If you are an Organization Admin you are automatically an admin of all folders and groups in your organization. This allows you to assign any Team Admin or Broadcaster to any folder or group in your organization.

If you are a Team Admin, you can assign any Team Admin or Broadcaster to any folder or group to which you have admin access. 

Note: Only current Team Admins and Broadcasters can be assigned as admins of a folder or group. If you wish for a non-Admin user to be an admin of a folder or group, you must first promote the user to an Admin in your organization. 

There are two ways to assign an admin to a folder or group via the Official Groups tab:

Option 1: Select a folder or group > click the “Assign Admin” button that appears at the top of the screen > on the subsequent screen, enter the admin’s name > click “Assign”

Option 2: See screencast below. Click the ellipses in Admins column > In the popup that contains the full list of admins of that folder or group, click the the green “+” button > on the subsequent screen, enter the admin’s name > click “Assign”

There is a third method for assigning an admin to a group:

Option 3: You can also assign a user as an admin of a group from their user profile page. To do so, open their profile page and expand the Groups card. From here you can select groups on the list and click the 'Add Team Admin Role' button.

If you wish to add the user as an admin to a group that does not appear on the list, you must first use the 'Add to Group' button to search for the group. This will add them as member to the group.


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