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Zinc - How to Create and Organize Official Groups

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‎11-04-2019 03:22 PM


Learn how to create official groups and organize them into folders.




How to Create Official Groups

Official Groups enable you to create structure within your Zinc organization. To view and manage your organization’s Official Groups, visit the Official Groups tab in the Admin Console. 

Organization Admins and Team Admins can create Official Groups. From the Official Groups tab in the Admin Console, click New Official Group. Name the group and add members via their email address. As an admin, you can choose whether you would like to be a member of the Official Group you create.  

How to Organize Official Groups

As an Organization Admin or Team Admin, you can organize your Official Groups into folders. This can be helpful if you have several groups for a particular product line, department or geographic region. To create a new folder, click New Folder in the Official Groups tab and name the Folder. 

Organization Admins can move Official Groups into or out of Folders, as can Team Admins so long as they have Admin access to the Group and the Folders they wish to move the Group into and/or out of. 

To move an Official Group, first select the Official Group you wish to move into a folder. Then, next to the Official Group name, click the blue Settings link. Within this group settings screen, you can easily change the Official Group name, select which folder to move it into, and set the Clear settings for that specific group.


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