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Learn how to troubleshoot issues with installing the desktop app for Windows.

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Steps to troubleshoot and fix installation issues for Zinc Desktop on Windows.


Open up port 443 in your Windows Firewall:

Port 443 is the standard port for secure communication (SSL and HTTPS). To use Zinc your computer must have this port open.

  • Click Start/Run and type in "WF.msc" and hit enter
  • Click "Outbound Rules" in left sidebar
  • Click "New Rule" in right sidebar
  • Select "Port" option and click "next"
  • Select the "specific remote ports" and enter '443' in the text field, then click "next"
  • Select "allow the connection", then click "next"
  • Click 'next' on this page without changing anything
  • Enter any name ("Zinc port forwarding" for example) and then click

If this doesn't help, repeat these same steps again but selecting "Inbound Rules" in step two instead of "Outbound Rules"

Ensure Windows is up to date:

  • Click Start/Run and then go to "Settings"
  • Click on "update & security"
  • Click "check for updates"
  • Install all required updates

Allow app through firewall:

  • Click Start/Run and then go to Control Panel Click "System and Security"
  • Click "Allow an app through Windows Firewall"
  • Click "Change Settings" button at top right
  • Click "Allow another app"
  • Click "browse" and find the .exe file (C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Zinc\Zinc.exe)
  • Click "Add" and then "Ok"

Change the version of .NET your computer is using:

  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Click "Programs"
  • Click "Turn Windows features on and off" under "Programs and Features"
  • You should have two versions of the .NET available as options (e.g. .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.6 as shown below), with only one checked
  • Selecting the newer version and ensuring TCP Port Sharing is enabled

Other diagnostic steps 

Try one or both of the following options to see help isolate the issue further.  If are able to run Zinc after trying one of these steps please contact our support team to help further diagnose the issue.

Turn off Windows Defender:
  • Click Start/Run and then go to "Windows Defender"
  • Click "setting"
  • Toggle off "Real-time protection"
Run app as administrator: 
  • find the app at c:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Zinc\Zinc.exe
  • right click it and then select "Run as Administrator"

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