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Zinc - Organizations FAQ

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‎05-17-2021 01:46 PM


Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about Zinc organizations.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about Zinc organizations.


What are Organizations?

Zinc Organizations let you create a customizable network of workers that can span any number of companies, teams and people – simplifying communication for teams with multiple companies and partners involved. Organizations utilize a shared People Directory that helps users easily discover and connect with the most relevant contacts for their work – even if they don’t know their full name or email – making communication seamless regardless of who they work for.

How is an Organization created?

By default, a new Organization will be automatically created when the first person from a given domain signs into Zinc.

What Use Cases Can Organizations Help Us Address?

Large organizations looking to easily distribute control of Zinc across different divisions or business units of their workforce.

Example: A large hotel chain has several individual properties located across the country. At times they may need to communicate with staff at every property, but many times the essential coordination is between workers at a particular property. Zinc Organizations now make it easy to distribute controls and oversight, enabling these individual properties to self-manage their group of users on Zinc. 

Multi-company projects needing the ability to seamlessly communicate across a collection of Zinc users that span multiple companies and email domains (e.g.,contractors, partners, etc.).

Example: A construction company has to coordinate with several different contractors to form one project, and a roster of employees can change weekly. Zinc allows you to connect with people from multiple organizations - contractors, suppliers - with the same ease as if they were from your own company so you can focus on delivering great work.

How do Organizations fit in with my current Zinc structure?

Organizations are the largest, broadest entity you can have in Zinc. An Organization can contain any number of companies, teams and individuals. Note: (1) There can be multiple Organizations within a company and (2) Employees can be in multiple Organizations.

Can a user be an admin for more than one Organization?

Yes, a user can be an admin for more than one Organization.

Who can add users to an Organization?

Only Organization Admins and Team Admins can add users. A Broadcaster can not add users to a domain.

Can I create more than one Organization?

To create a new Organization, please send an email to and include the following information:
  • The name of the new Organization you would like created, and
  •  An email address for the admin of the new Organization

When an admin adds an existing Zinc user to an Organization, what happens?

Since the user is already on Zinc, they are immediately added to the Organization.

Will Organizations Impact my Zinc Clear Settings?

If an employee is part of two Organizations that have different Clear settings, we will apply the longer of the two retention periods to their conversations.

For example, if an employee is part of an Organization that has a 14-day Clear setting and she’s also part of another Organization that has a 7-day Clear setting, the 14-day Clear setting will be applied to her conversations.

When an admin adds a non-Zinc user to an Organization, what happens?

Employees not currently on Zinc will get an email invitation to join. After they sign-up, they are automatically added to your Organization.

Your Users list in the Admin Console will include non-Zinc users that have been added to the Organization but have not yet signed up for Zinc. These individuals will have a “Join Date” of “Pending Signup.”

An admin can remove non-Zinc users from the Organization at this time if they choose. However, if a user signs up after being removed, they will not be added to the Organization.

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