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Zinc - What Are the Types of Admin Access?

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‎11-10-2020 02:57 PM


Learn what the three tiers of admin access are in Zinc.

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Understanding Admin Roles

Admins are users in your Zinc organization who have access to the administrative console. There are three Administrative tiers in Zinc, each of which has a different range of access and privileges in your organization.

Organization Admin: This is the top tier administrator. Organization Admins can control all aspects of the organization, with abilities including: adding and removing users; creating and managing folders and official groups; sending and managing broadcasts, managing broadcast lists, adding notification bots, managing other administrators, and viewing an entire organization’s analytics.

Team Admin: The next tier, the Team Administrator, has admin access to the specific groups, folders, and broadcasts to which they are assigned or or which they have created within an organization. A Team Admin will not be able to manage other Team or Organization Admins’ groups and folders without first being granted access.

Broadcaster: Broadcasters have very limited administrative access and can only manage and send broadcasts that they create.

All Organization Access: All Organization Access is an additional option available to Team Admins and Broadcasters. It allows Team Admins and Broadcasters the ability to Broadcast to any Official Group or folder without having to find the admin of that group and ask for permission. This saves valuable time for users who may need to push out time-sensitive material to an Official Group that they have not communicated with in the past. 

Once granted, Broadcasters and Team Admins with All Organization Access will be able to:
  • View all Official Groups and their members
  • View user profiles, including each user's group memberships
  • Send Broadcasts to any official group in the organization
  • Send Broadcasts to the "All Users" group of the organization
Organization Admins have additional privileges not available to Team and Broadcast Admins regardless of All Organization Access. Even with the addition of All Organization Access, Team and Broadcast admins cannot:
  • View or edit Broadcasts sent by other users in the Broadcasts tab in the admin console
  • Remove users from the organization or edit their admin role
  • View the analytics section of the admin console
Admin Role Permissions
Refer to the matrix below to determine if a particular type of admin will be able to take any given action within your organization. 

*Broadcasters and Team Admins can perform this action if they are granted the additional All Organization Access permission. Learn more here.

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