Show Record/Edit Work Order question

Hi Mayhul

Just have a question in relation to a current process we use on Current Dispatch and how/if it is possible with Service Board

Current Dispatch -  Select Work Order from list - then select Show Record.  Window pops open with work order.  From here we can then click on Installed product or Location and it will take us to the detailed information of the record.

Service Board - Select work order - Edit Work order.  It displays the installed product or Location but no ability to click on the object to take you to that record.

Also in Current Use when we are in Show Record we have the ability if required to edit the field Installed Product to change to a different installed product record for that work order - will this be a possibility

I can send short video example of the current use if you require.

Just another quick observation - on the Service Board when selecting the date it is holding the US date version not changing to AUS format

Thanks Julie