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Entering content to an internal place is easy, but how do I follow a place?

Question asked by Dawn Plaskon Employee on Sep 30, 2014

To do this, enter your comment/question in the applicable field on a page.


Click Ask It


Then, scroll below the main content field (in which you are reading this) and click Change under 'In a Place.


Click in the 'Enter the name of a place' box and select ServiceMax Employees Only


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Once, you click on a 'Place' name, you'll see a Follow link in the upper right side.


More tips from Deirdre Yee


The universal search is VERY powerful and I recommend using it. That is often my first step after logging in. When you click on the search bar once, you see content, people and places you recently interacted with. scroll down to get to places. It also has great autocomplete options, so you can start to type, again scroll down, and access what you are looking for.




Also,  if you click the drop down next to your name, you can click to view Places (a name for all Spaces and Social Groups in the community) from your profile.