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Dave Yarnold Interview at PTC ThingEvent: Today!

Question asked by Melinda Ornburg Employee on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by Deirdre Yee

See ServiceMax CEO Dave Yarnold being interviewed by PTC's CEO at PTC's ThingEvent in Boston this afternoon at 3 PM EST


This event is  PTC's worldwide live stream launch event co-hosted by ThingWorx™ and Vuforia™.


You can join the virtual event to see how Augmented Reality (AR) is completely changing the way you see things in the Internet of Things.  Currently there are over 14,500 virtual registrations from across the globe that will be attending this virtual broadcast from Boston.


Our presentation will be very relevant for Field Service professionals who are interested in understanding why  "service is the killer app for IoT".


ThingEvent Registration


Did you listen to the broadcast?  What do you think of the Augmented Reality?