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How do you handle European Value Added Tax (VAT) requirements on ServiceMax Work Order Estimation/Service Quotations?

Question asked by Masaki Hori on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by Richard Lewis

Our customer is asking to calculate the proper VAT on Work Order Estimation and Service Quotations.


For example, for a Work Order Estimate/Service Quote to a customer in a specific VAT applicable country, the correct VAT % must be added.

Labor and Parts VAT% must be calculated individually, because Labor VAT% is usually lower than Parts VAT%. (but not universal to all EU countries, varies by country)

Also, Normal Parts and Medical Device Parts have different VAT%.


I found Alavara on ServiceMax market place, who specialise in Sales Tax calculation, and offers integration with ServiceMax Work Detail/Quote Items.

But they don't seem to have a solution for VAT calculation.


Customer is asking to INTELLIGENTLY calculate VAT, just by providing Account's country, type of Account (Hospital or not), type of items (Labor/Parts), etc, etc, etc.


I am not a VAT specialist, so I really can't speak about all the detailed decision tree logic, but since this is a legal compliance, it is a fixed business rule.


How do EU servicemax customers handle VAT requirements on ServiceMax? (or not?)

Do you just let ERP take care of the quotation with VAT?