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    How do you handle European Value Added Tax (VAT) requirements on ServiceMax Work Order Estimation/Service Quotations?

    Masaki Hori

      Our customer is asking to calculate the proper VAT on Work Order Estimation and Service Quotations.


      For example, for a Work Order Estimate/Service Quote to a customer in a specific VAT applicable country, the correct VAT % must be added.

      Labor and Parts VAT% must be calculated individually, because Labor VAT% is usually lower than Parts VAT%. (but not universal to all EU countries, varies by country)

      Also, Normal Parts and Medical Device Parts have different VAT%.


      I found Alavara on ServiceMax market place, who specialise in Sales Tax calculation, and offers integration with ServiceMax Work Detail/Quote Items.

      But they don't seem to have a solution for VAT calculation.


      Customer is asking to INTELLIGENTLY calculate VAT, just by providing Account's country, type of Account (Hospital or not), type of items (Labor/Parts), etc, etc, etc.


      I am not a VAT specialist, so I really can't speak about all the detailed decision tree logic, but since this is a legal compliance, it is a fixed business rule.


      How do EU servicemax customers handle VAT requirements on ServiceMax? (or not?)

      Do you just let ERP take care of the quotation with VAT?