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Content for non-English Speakers

Discussion created by Richard Lewis on Aug 17, 2017
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I have been a member of the French Language group Communauté Francophone du Field Service on the community for some time now, despite my school level French. It feels to me like the Community is a great place to share content that users in countries where English is not the first language can benefit from. While many of the super users and high level management users will most likely have a good grasp of English, the end users they are communicating with may not.


A task of sharing with your users or managers what the new ServiceMax enhancements are becomes rather more of a chore if you have to record your own voice-over for a video and then edit it in for example.


Therefore I have started this discussion to see what appetite there is out there to fill some of this gap??


The initial drive for this came from a blog post by Mauro Paretti

The View From Southern Europe: Field Service in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal