New Release - Summer '14 Part 2

Video created by lana.foladare Employee on Jan 5, 2015

    This course covers the Summer 14 New Release Online application features.


    Length: 40 Minutes



    1. Optimization:

         a. ServiceMax Integration for ServicePower

    2. SFM Search:

         a. Events & Tasks

    3. SFM Designer:

    a. Warning for Missing Meta-Data

    b. Standardized Picklists for Record Types

    c. Prevent Deletion of Dependent SFM’s

    4. SFM Scheduler

    a. Schedule Multi-Source SFM’s

    5. Translations:

    a. Events & Tasks

    6. Contracts/Inventory/Warranties:

    a. Get Price Function to use Salesforce PriceBook for Labor

    b. Calculate & Store Response Times on the Case/Work Order

    7. Dispatch Console

    a. Maps Upgrade

    b. Map Feature Enhancements